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Want to manufacture vinyl records with affordable unit cost price ?
Need a very good follow-up and don’t want to be considered as simple customer number !
You’re in the right place !

Turnaround time : +/- 12 weeks (standard) or +/- 6 weeks (urgent option)

Produce your own vinyl record from 1.83 € each !
Forget short run pressing at 100 units with staggering prices between 6 and 10 € per unit !
Opt for a run from 300 units and be profitable even if you didn’t sell whole pressing !

Examples of package deals :

White label Pack n°7 (12”)
2x High quality Acetate lacquer cut <14min/side (+2db) compared to DMM cut (Copper)
2x Full galvanic/silvering process/metalwork
5x Test pressings to 1 address in Europe
300 / 500 12” black +/-140gr
300 / 500 pairs of white labels
300 / 500 white paper inner sleeve 2 holes & handling

300 units : 755.35 € or 2.52 € each excl taxes and shipping costs
500 units : 914.63 € or 1.83 € each excl taxes and shipping costs

Classic Pack n°29 (12”)
2x High quality Acetate lacquer cut <14min/side (+2db) compared to DMM cut (Copper)
2x Full galvanic/silvering process/metalwork
5x Test pressings to 1 address in Europe
300 / 500 12” black +/-140gr
300 / 500 pairs of Full colored labels
300 / 500 white paper inner sleeve 2 holes & handling
300 / 500 Full color outer sleeves 3mm spine no holes +/- 300gsm & handling

300 units : 1160.40 € or 3.86 € each excl taxes and shipping costs
500 units : 1334.63 € or 2.67 € each excl taxes and shipping costs

You can find all the answers to your questions on our site, they are just a click away

How to launch my personalized vinyl pressing ?
What are the available format and prices ?
How to obtain password for package deals ?
What are the minimum ordering quantities ?
How many minutes can one side of a vinyl hold ?

Cutting solution … Lacquer acetate or Copper Direct Metal Mastering ?
Where can i find specifications / templates ?
How to provide copyright control ?

VINYLIUM is a service provider specialized in vinyl record pressings.

Formats are various such as : 7″- 7 inch, 10″ – 10 inch or 12″- 12 inch (140gr & 180gr), in standard black or colored vinyl.

Vinylium will be able to offer you the best prices vs quality on the market through well selected partnerships (vinyl record pressing plants, cutting rooms).
The personal handling and follow-up of your orders will be one of the most important services that vinylium will offer,
this service is often forgotten but has proved to be one of the most important stages in the ordering process.
In some cases, looking to obtain the cheapest price on the market, isn’t the best solution for your vinyl record production project.
We can help you making the right choice !

VINYLIUM takes care of your audio recording and handles every step of the production process from A to Z,
to deliver a full finished product made to your specifications.
Whether you choose to cut your master on lacquer (acetate, dubplate),
Vinylium has the solution through different partners who mainly use Alpha Toolex machinery (Presses).
Professional cutting studios assure quality cuttings and can even provide full mastering services on demand.
Vinylium was a vinyl pressing plant with its own equipment till the end of 2010.
The entire vinyl factory has been dismantled and moved to Seoul (South of Korea) for Asian market.
Vinylium doesn’t have vinyl equipment or vinyl press for sale anymore. 

Our company provides different possibilities starting at 300 copies for black vinyl and starting at 300 copies for coloured vinyls,
even for represses starting at 200 copies (All formats) with standard black or white sleeves (2 holes), recycled paper or cardboard.

It is possible to make personalized sleeves for your orders,
minimum production quantity for these sleeves will be 500 units.
We accept to print 300 units only but price will be more or less the same as for 500 units.

VINYLIUM can also provide shrinkwrapping for your records and can supply standard white or black innersleeves 16 gr with 2 holes.

Test-pressings are not required at Vinylium but highly recommended. 

Whether you are making, metal, or electronic music …
we can make you a personalized price quotation so you can get your vinyl record
into the shops as soon as possible through a vinyl distribution network.

Vinylium is situated in Belgium, heart of Europe, 1 hour from Brussels, 2 hours from Paris (France)
and a few hours from London (UK) or Berlin (Germany).

For more info, please contact us

Last update : 2018.10.05

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