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Last update : 01/02/2016

 V i n y l   P r e s s i n g   S e r v i c e s 

 ACTUAL TURNAROUND TIME : +/- 45 working days 

 from receival of all elements (audio, artwork & payment) ! 

Presentation of the company

VINYLIUM is a service provider specialized in vinyl record pressings.
Formats are various such as : 
7"- 7 inch, 10" - 10 inch or 12"- 12 inch (140 & 180gr), in standard black or colored vinyl. 

Vinylium will be able to offer you the best prices vs quality on the market through well selected partnerships. The personal handling and follow-up of you orders will be one of the most important services that vinylium will offer, this service is often forgotten but has proved to be one of the most important stages in the ordering process. In some cases, looking to obtain the cheapest price on the market, isn’t the best solution for your record production project. We can help you making the right choice !

VINYLIUM takes care of your audio recording and handles every step of the production process from A to Z, to deliver a full finished product made to your specifications.

Whether you choose to cut your master on lacquer (acetate, dubplate), Vinylium has the solution through different partners. Professional cutting studios assure quality cuttings and can even provide full mastering services on demand.

Our company provides different possibilities starting at 300 copies for black vinyl and starting at 300 copies for coloured vinyls, even for represses starting at 200 copies (All formats) with standard black or white sleeves (2 holes), recycled paper or cardboard. 

It is possible to make personalised sleeves for your orders, but you have to take into account that the minimum production quantity for these sleeves will be 500 copies, for example, it is possible to order 300 records with labels (1 or 4 colors) and 500 personalised outersleeves.

VINYLIUM can also provide shrinkwrapping for your records and can supply standard white or black innersleeves 16 gr with 2 holes.

Test-pressings became obligatory at Vinylium. There is a possibility to receive price reductions in case of certain cooperations or the implementation of our name or logo on your artwork.

Whether you are making, metal, or electronic music ... we can make you a personalized price quotation so you can get your vinyl record into the shops as soon as possible through a vinyl distribution network.

For all info, please contact : info@vinylium.com - www.vinylium.com


How to launch your vinyl pressing ?
Download here !

Initial informations

--- (These infos are necessary to the production of your record) ---

Send us your customer informations asked below
or  download the specific form
Download here !



Small description corresponding to your needs ( see our packages deals if needed) : Choice of support, 7'', 10'' or 12'', quantity, white labels or 4 colours, type of sleeve, standard 2 holes, 1,2,3 or 4 colours, spineless 0mm or 3mm spine outer sleeves, gatefold 6mm, shrinkwrapping, etc...


The catalogue reference who will be engraved on your vinyl and who will be declared on the copyright control.


Please confirm your timings (including silences) and specify your rpm 33 or 45 (if important) !


Full name of the person and/or company name + legal structure.
Full billing address.
European approved VAT-number (only) if you are subjected to VAT.


Test pressings
Full address(es) for delivery.
Phone number for deliveryman (driver) in case of absence !
Compulsory !


Final pressing
Full address(es) for delivery.
Phone number for deliveryman (driver) in case of absence ! 
Compulsory !


Your approximative realease date !
Turnaround time : +/- 45 working days. (Don't forget to think about it) !
from receival of all elements (audio, artwork & payment).


If you are or if you’re not registered as artist at an author company, we absolutely need a copie of the authorization to press obtained by your local representative for mechanical rights. 

Example : sabam, sacem, gema, stemra, spa, aepi, sgae, siae, mcps, etc....

It will be possible to manufacture your pressing but this document must be in our possession before delivery !

For non-registered artists
Download here !



Payment regarding the production.

In order to facilitate and to reduce accounting workload, a PROFORMA invoice will be directly established with VAT or without VAT (if you can provide a VAT number which is approved by European commission VIES)
PROFORMA invoice will correspond to your approved quotation.

Full amount (100%) will have to be paid to our financial account before production is started stating your invoice number or your pressing reference number as reference.

Example :
Example Records production     1606,50€ - communication :
FA 2014225 or Example records 001

When the goods have been manufactured and shipped, the final invoice will be revised and will mention the potential
extra FREE copies * and will be adjusted with all new changes intervened during the pressing process.
(Example : New cutting, New test pressings, add fees for new shipping address, etc...)

If this were to be the case, a financial adjustment will be expected in addition or in deduction depending of initial amount already paid.

* extra FREE copies
All quantities delivered exceeding your initial order are offered

A small production fluctuation of +/- 10% can occur for technical reasons. 
(ex : 500 vinyls ordered, 480 vinyls delivered = 480 vinyls invoiced)
(ex : 500 vinyls ordered, 516 vinyls delivered = 500 vinyls invoiced)

You will find the information of our bankaccounts in the "contact " section or we can send them on demand by mail.

Very lmportant :

We insist on the fact that more than ever, as long as we don't receive the full amount (100%) of your invoice to one of our accounts, Vinylium will not start any part of the productions process, whether it's artwork of cutting.
Bare in mind that these processes take time and they can significantly influence your release date if they are delayed, please take note of this.
It is obvious that every change or recut ordered by the client during the production process will affect the final invoice, even having agreed on the initial invoice. Therefore, Vinylium reserves the right to modify your initial invoice at any time and to apply these changes on your final invoice.


Vinylium is forced to apply a fixed control fee of 29,00 euros for data processing.
 Step N° 1 
--- The sound ---

Once that you have read all the initial information, and you have send us all the necessary elements, we can start the production of your vinyl record.
We can offer you the possibility to press quantities starting at 300 copies (All format), but if you request small quantities, please go to the "pressing per unit " section of our site.

The first step in the production process, and probably one of the most important, is the cutting of your audio files. (manufacturing of your master disc that will be used to duplicate your vinyls).
More info can be found in the ''cutting'' section of our site.

Once that you have made your choice, we will send your audio files to one of our official partners who will cut your record professionally. Vinylium doesn't have a on-site studio, therefore we work with different partners.
The ideal solution is to send us your own lacquers or DMM that have been cut in a cutting studio of your own choice.
In this case, this step will be ignored and we will start immediately with the galvanic development of your stampers.
If you would like us to do the cutting for you, then please send us your audio files :

- on CD to the following address:

Lex van Coeverden / VINYLROOM
Graspeel 62
5411 LD Zeeland


Phone  0031 486 453 819 
Mobile  0031 655 690 135

- or upload on our FTP : ftp://ftp.vinylium.com/

Please, enter these informations inside your Filezilla FTP program.

Free download at www.filezilla.fr

Your ftp area for AUDIO files :
Authentification type : Normal

You will be asked to enter your login and password :

 - FOR AUDIO (music)

Login : vinylium-AUD
Password : vinyl1234

Then open an session ........

You can send your files using any web-based upload program for large files 
without having to open an account.

For example : 

The tracks will be pasted one after the other. Please make sure that you place the necessary "silences" yourself

First of all, specify your tracks with :

- the position that the track will have on the record.
- the chosen rotation (rpm).
- the complete timing.
- the exact size of file octets-bytes.
   right click - properties : size : Example 197 Mo (197.260.540 octets)
   Not size on disk !

Example : 

A1_45rpm_05.42_197.260.540 octets
B1_33rpm_07.46_268.815.604 octets
B2_33rpm_04.47_165.547.792 octets

Place the files in a specific folder that contains :

- the same reference number that will be engraved on your record.
- the word "audio".
- the chosen support.  

Example :

MRX 021_AUDIO_12
(This folder can be compressed into a .zip or .rar file)

Select the folder, then copy and paste it onto our FTP-Server.

IMPORTANT : Do not put the audio and artwork files in the same folder.
The files are handled by different divisions of our company.
Thanks for understanding.

Step n°2

--- The graphics ---

The second step is sending us the artwork for the labels (except if you want white or black labels) and for you outer sleeves is you want to order those.

This step has proven to be the most delicate one because a lot of our clients have started designing in their spare time and are convinced that they don't need our 
templates or their specifications. Some of them simply don't understand how to use them.

We just want to remind you that our
templates have been created to help you and to avoid errors when cutting labels, sleeves, etc .. The templates are very easy to use and have the correct information needed to start making your designs without errors.

The templates all have "Adobe Photoshop" work layers. These layers have been set on the correct dimensions and are have already been saved in the necessary CMYK 300 dpi resolution.

You only have to fill in the entire working layers with your design. The bleed zones are indicated, this is the zone that will be cut or folded, these zones have to be filled with your design but not with any text !
The templates, working layers and examples can be downloaded on our site in the ''
Nevertheless, is you are not a professional graphic designer, we can offer graphic solutions through our partners "la-cuisine" and "expone" who can create and finish all the elements for you.

Website :  http://www.la-cuisine.biz   Mail : contact@la-cuisine.biz

Website :  http://www.expone.be/     Mail : contact@expone.be

Once you have finished your artwork, please send it to:

- on CD to the following address :

DIKI RECORDS sa - 20 Porte des bâtisseurs - 7730 Estaimpuis - Belgium

- or upload on our FTP-server :

We can send you a personal login and password on demand so that you can upload your audio and artwork files.
If this isn't necessary, please proceed as following to upload your audio and artwork :

Once that you are on the FTP, click on "page" open the ftp-adress with your web-browser.

You will be asked to enter your login and password :

- For ARTWORK (design labels and sleeves)

Labels : vinylium-ART
Password : vinyl4321

Then open a session ........


The labels (Side A & Side B) must be sent seperately, and the maps must contain the information of the sides as well as the reference of the record.
The design of the sleeve must contain the full "Recto-verso" design !

Our printing division accepts the following file extensions :


.JPEG or .PDF high resolution (Only files saved by ADOBE PHOTOSHOP) !

IMPORTANT : the files must be in CMYK mode and have a 300 DPI resolution, you have to specify Pantone colors if needed.

Your files must be named as following :

Example :

MRX 021_SIDE A.jpeg
MRX 021_SIDE B.jpeg



IMPORTANT : the files must be in CMYK mode and have a 300 DPI resolution, you have to specify Pantone colors if needed

Your files have to be named as following:

- the same reference nubmber that will be engraved on your record.
- sleeve

Example :

MRX 021_SLEEVE.pdf High Resolution

Please put these files in a specific map containing :

- the same reference nubmber that will be engraved on your record.
- artwork

Example :

(This map may be compressed to a .zip or .rar file)

Select the map, then copy and paste it onto our FTP-Server.

IMPORTANT : Do not put the audio and artwork files in the same map.
The files are handled by different divisions of our company.
Thanks for understanding.

Step n°3
--- Final phase ---

Once that we have received all these elements, your job is done. Vinylium will from then on handle every step of the production process.

We need about +/- 45 working days to finish your product. Vinylium will send you the test-pressings as soon as possible. We do give priority to full production projects or urgent represses.
Please take into account that this is a very complicated production process and that it's always possible that the production time gets delayed because of technical failures. Therefore we ask you to order well in advance of your release date !! We won't take any timing responsability for last minute orders !

Once that your order is ready, we will contact you regarding shipping, invoicing and the payment of the full amount due before delivery.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us :

UPDATE - 01/02/16