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Discover our vinyl package deals and their prices / costs at the bottom of this page !

At the bottom of the page, by using a password, you’ll be able to discover our prices or costs for vinyl pressing by downloading our package deals containing a lot of configurations for 300, 500 and 1000 copies.
We hold the right to change the pricelists at any time even for clients who reveiced price indications before the price changes were made.


All our packs are proposed as follow :

  • Lacquer cutting for an optimal result ! We do not made cutting on DMM.
    (see difference in section cutting of our website)
  • 5 Test pressings included to 1 address in Europe (white labels + white innersleeves)
  • The price for labels is the same for 1,2,3 or 4c No PANTONE included)
  • The manufacturing of sleeves full colours (1,2,3 or 4c) with or without holes starts from 500 copies even if you decide to press 300 vinyl records only !
  • The price for covers is the same for 1,2,3 or 4c No PANTONE included)
  • Operating costs and data processing are included
  • All displayed prices are without Belgian vat (21%) and without shipping costs

Minimum amount of industrial production in Vinylium

  • Minimum order 300 copies with white labels
  • Minimum order 300 copies with labels 4 colours
  • Minimum order 300 copies with 10 inch format
  • Minimum order 300 copies with vinyl 180gr
  • Minimum order 300 copies with picture discs
  • Minimum order 300 copies with coloured vinyl
  • Minimum order 500 copies for personalized sleeve printing

All quantities delivered exceeding your initial order are offered

However it is important to remember that +/- 10% production tolerance can be considered downwards to your initial quantity
in order to overcome any manufacturing problem, potential defective products or possible internal handling errors.
In this case, we’ll adjust final invoice downwards but we’ll not re-manufacture erroneous, missing or defective quantity
In no way, we’ll cover your shortfall or potential miscellaneous losses generated by this breach !

(ex : 500 vinyls ordered, 450 vinyls delivered = 450 vinyls invoiced)
(ex : 500 vinyls ordered, 50 defective vinyls = 450 vinyls invoiced)
(ex : 500 vinyls ordered, 550 vinyls delivered = 500 vinyls invoiced)

For limited or numbered edition, we suggest you to prevent this eventuality by ordering an additional 10% on your initial order.


We’ve decided to protect our .pdf files with password.
This password will be AUTOMATICALLY issued to you by simple return of e-mail to the sender.

Your e-mail is collected in order to update our database for vinylium NEWSLETTERS only. (promotions, new conditions, new prices, etc…)

Due to new European GDPR privacy laws (General Data Protection Regulation), you can refuse to appear into this database by choosing second option below.
In this case, we will erase your e-mail address immediately and you won’t receive any e-mail from us.
In case you receive a NEWSLETTER by error, you ‘ll have possibility to unsubscribe easily.
We do not sell, trade or rent your e-mail address to third parties. 

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Please note that weight of our 12” vinyl format is +/- 140gr or 180gr

To discover our package deals and their prices / costs, click on vinyl button format you want
You already have a vinyl package from 755.35 euros excl taxes and shipping costs for 300 copies

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