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Find some labels chosen among others who have placed their trust in Vinylium…


AVOTRE 018_FACE A_400     Avotre

METAL 054_FACE A_400_VISUEL     Emanesmetal

GR 05_FACE A_400     Groovy records

EDLX 045 LP_FACE A_400     Edlx

Zhark 027_FACE A_400     Zhark recordings

WPH TEN-3_FACE A_400     WPH recordings

FRSKNCL003_FACE A_400     Forsaken cell

TDA 005_FACE A_400     Tête d’Ampoule

FIVE4IT 0013_FACE A_400     Five4it records

KW036_FACE A_400     Kwaidan records

115-000B2DS_FACE A_400     Back 2 da source records

NTK 007_FACE A_400     Noiztank

M&F 004_FACE A_400     Musik & Friends

Spokesman     Diki records

BABAORUM RECORDS     Babaorum records


LES EDITIONS DU GOLEM     Les Editions du Golem


MOTE RECORDINGS     Mote recordings

MOUSTACHE RECORDS     Moustache records

PERIMETER RECORDS     Perimeter records


MAN 013_FACE A_400     Mangoest

FK 001_FACE A_Visuel     Fokalm

AUDIO RECORDS     Fine Audio Recordings

MRX 025_FACE A_400     Minimal Rome

PASTAGA 003-FACE A_400     Pastaga records

PM 013_FACE A_400     Pushmaster discs

PLEC 003_FACE A_400     Plector

GR 02_GAIJIN 02_FACE A_400     Gaijin rekordz

ALARM 666_FACE A_400_VISUEL     Alarm

DAMNABLY030a_FACE A_400     Damnably

BMM 004_FACE A_400     Birdsmakingmachine

BURNING STICKS 001_SIDE A_400     Finaltouch productions

PR2016-01_FACE A_400_VISUEL     Catharsis productions

PONG MUSIQ RECORDS 009_FACE A_400     Pong Muziq

WR 005_FACE A_400_VISUEL     Walhalla records

RI 002_FACE A_400_VISUAL     Raw Imprint

HB 001_FACE A_400     Hawaii Bonsai

TTS 014_FACE A_VISUAL     Turntable Sounds

AXIS 061_FACE A_400     Axis records

HH 118_FACE A_400     Heidens Hart

SVAKT 004_FACE A_400     Svakt records

KOTA 06_FACE A_400     Kotä

GMR 060_FACE A_400     Gourmand music recordings

ISHTADEVA 007_SIDE A_400     Ishtadeva

ANLD 003_FACE A_THIS SIDE_400     Analogic density

KTB33_FACE A_400     Kythibong

CAFE DES HALLES_VISUEL_400     Café des Halles St Géry

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If you represent one of these references and don’t want to appear on this page for privacy reasons or on the contrary,
have pressed at Vinylium and would be grateful to be part of this list due to positive review, thank you for letting us know.
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