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How to prepare your graphical elements (Labels and sleeves) ?


Before starting, we would like to inform you that in case you are not a professional graphical designer, we can always provide design services through our partners.
They can prepare all the necessary artwork elements for you on demand.

IMPORTANT (Please read this before starting !…)

Please verify that you’re are using correct template !
You will found correct templates with correct dimensions just by clicking on the template you need.

Please don’t use any templates from other pressing plants, they are certainly using other machines and therefore their templates will not be compatible with ours…

Description of the template

Example : 12” – 3mm spine

Format + Thickness of the sleeve

Here’s some important information :

  • The recto (front) is always on the right side and the verso (back) is always on the left side.
  • The opening of the sleeve is always on the left and right side of your artwork.

Opening sleeve 2

You have to rotate your artwork by 90 degrees clockwise on the recto (front) and 90 degrees counterclockwise on the verso (back) if you want your sleeve to open at the top.

Opening sleeve 1

Regarding to the labels, it is required to send us your artwork with the bleed zone completely covered by your artwork (see examples).
Vinylium needs a 110mm x 110mm full square ! The design that will be outside of the 100mm cutting circle, will be lost (bleedzone) !
You have to understand that the small 7 mm central hole as well as the outer 100 mm circle will be cut by the knife ! !

You do NOT have to draw them on your artwork !

Example of a label with correct artwork that should be send to us in order to avoid any problems. Problems could occur if the paper moves slightly during the cutting process.


Here’s the result once the paper has been cut by the knife.

Exemple 4_resultat graphisme correct obtenu apres decoupage

Example of a label with bad artwork that should not be send to us !

Exemple 1_mauvais graphisme a NE PAS envoyer avant decoupage

Here’s the possible result of the previous incorrect artwork after being cut.
(you will notice that the parts of the artwork that haven’t been completely covered could become visible after the cutting process).

Exemple 2_resultat decoupage si graphisme incorrect

This is also the case with photos or images…

Our templates are in Adobe Photoshop format and already have exact dimensions.

Gabarit predefini exemple

Every template has a 300 dpi resolution in CMYK color profile..

The guides will show you the location of the folding and cutting positions.
The complete surface has to be covered with your design, don’t forget that your text should be inside of the cutting lines.
Every template for sleeves has a masked layer to indicate the cutting position of the circles on the recto and/or verso.

Gabarit predefini exemple 2

A masked layer is also inserted for the labels so that your text can easily be put in the adapted zones.

Gabarit predefini exemple 3

Attention: Don’t flatten the cutting layers at the end of your design !!!

These layers are only there to guide you through your work, they give you an idea on what the final result will look like. Once your graphical design is finished, please flatten your image and save it as a high resolution .JPG.
We also accept following extensions : .tiff / .pdf / .psd / .eps !!! You can also compress your files into a .zip or .rar file.
Please save as following:

Example file name sleeve: MRX 021_SLEEVE

Reference of the recordlabel + the word ”sleeve”.

Exemple file name labels: MRX 021_SIDE A
Exemple file name labels: MRX 021_SIDE B

Reference of your record + word side A or word side B.

Once your artwork is finished, please send it to:

  • By using any web-based upload program for large files without necessarily having to open an account like wetransfer, sendspace, dropsend, google drive, dropbox, etc….
    Visit and discover the various ways to send large files online and the services that will help you send them
    Please use following recipient addresse jeff (at) vinylium (dot) com
  • on CD to the following address: VINYLIUM SCS – 105B RUE DES FRONTALIERS – 7712 – HERSEAUX – Belgium

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem…