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What you have to provide if you decide to start your vinyl pressing ?

  • Small description corresponding to your needs (see our package deals if needed):
    Choice of support, 7”, 10” or 12”, quantity, white labels or 4 colours, type of sleeve, standard 2 holes, 1,2,3 or 4 colours, spineless 0mm or 3mm spine outer sleeves, gatefold 6mm, shrinkwrapping, etc…
  • The catalogue reference who will be engraved on your vinyl and who will be declared on the copyright control.
    (exemple : Exemple Records 001)
  • Please confirm your timings (including silences) and specify your rpm ! 33 or 45 (if important)
  • Invoicing
    Full name of the person and/or company name + legal structure.
    Full billing address.
    European approved VAT-number (only) if you are subjected to VAT.
  • Test pressings – Full address(es) for delivery. – Phone number for deliveryman (driver) in case of absence ! Required !
  • Final pressing – Full address(es) for delivery. – Phone number for deliveryman (driver) in case of absence ! Required !
  • Your approximate realease date !

Our actual turnaround times WITH or WITHOUT test pressings are :

Standard 12″ : +/- 8 weeks
Standard 10″ : +/- 8 weeks
Standard 7″ small holes : +/- 8 weeks
Standard 7″ big holes : +/- 8 weeks
Urgent : Not provided
Represses : Not provided

from receipt of all elements (audio, artwork & payment).

  • If you are or if you’re not registered as artist at an author company, we absolutely need a copie of the music licence obtained by your local representative for mechanical rights.
    Example : sabam, sacem, gema, stemra, spa, aepi, sgae, siae, mcps, etc….
    It will be possible to manufacture your pressing but this document must be in our possession before delivery !
For Belgian registered or NON-registered artists, please, enter into contact with SABAM !

Copyright control for Belgian artists (Dutch NL)
Sabam NL

download AND send reproduction request form to SABAM

Copyright control for Belgian artists (French)


For all other NON-registered artists from other countries, we do accept to receive the specific form below.
Please, fill in the form, sign it, scan it and return it to Vinylium.

Copyright control for NON-REGISTRED artists ONLY

Download Copyright control .xls

Download Example of Copyright control .pdf