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PRS for music – Music licence – Copyright control – Mechanical licence – Mechanical rights

Before starting manufacturing of your vinyl pressing, If you are or if you’re not registered as artist at an author company, 
we absolutely need a copie of the music licence obtained by your local representative for mechanical rights.
Example : sdrm, sabam, sacem, suisa, gema, stemra, spa, aepi, sgae, siae, mcps, prs, ppl, etc….

It will be possible to manufacture your pressing but this document will have to be in our possession before delivery !

For Belgian registered or NON-registered artists, please, enter into contact with SABAM !

Copyright control for Belgian artists (Dutch NL)
Sabam NL

download AND send reproduction request form to SABAM

Copyright control for Belgian artists (French)


For all other NON-registered artists from other countries, we do accept to receive the specific form below.
Please, fill in the form, sign it, scan it and return it to Vinylium.

Copyright control for NON-REGISTRED artists ONLY

Download Copyright control .xls

Download Example of Copyright control .pdf

To prevent piracy, a small manual mention “VINYLIUM-MPO” will appear on all lacquers received from clients or recorded by our engineer.
We can’t derogate from this rule !