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One off (single copy) & crowdfunding for vinyl record pressing

– One off (single copy)  

One-off or single copy is realized on basis of a cold vinyl pressing process by using blank discs or acetate dubplate.
These vinyls have the same lifespan as a conventional maxi vinyl and can also be used for scratching !
The sound quality obviously wont be comparable to a hot-stamped vinyl, but this single copy vinyl will allow you to have fun since it will be mainly intended for personal use !

Here are some manufacturers who are offering this service :

– Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a solution that allows you to finance your complete vinyl pressing thanks to the pre-orders obtained.
Excellent way to explore the potential of your works without paying a euro.
Please refer to the specialized platform if you have any questions relating to the operation of this site.
You will find the link for this service provider by clicking on the button below

– Short run vinyl pressing

Vinylium can help you to manufacture quality vinyl records in very small quantities (from 200 units).
We do not have established any packs but if you would like to obtain a quote, please do not hesitate to send us a request by clicking on the button below.
We will forward your request to our selected partner and you will quickly obtain the requested quotation.

Pricing example for our classic pack n° 29 (12″)

at 200 units

200 units : 0000.00 € or 0.00 € each excl taxes and shipping costs