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Step 2 – The artwork

The second step is sending us the artwork for the labels (except if you want white or black labels) and for your outer sleeves if you want to order those.

This step has proven to be the most delicate one because a lot of our clients have started designing in their spare time and are convinced that they don’t need our templates or their specifications.
Some of them simply don’t understand how to use them.

We just want to remind you that our templates have been created to help you and to avoid errors when cutting labels, sleeves, etc .. The templates are very easy to use and have the correct information needed to start making your designs without errors.

The templates all have “Adobe Photoshop” work layers. These layers have been set on the correct dimensions and have already been saved in the necessary CMYK 300 dpi resolution.

You only have to fill in the entire working layers with your design. The bleed zones are indicated, this is the zone that will be cut or folded, these zones have to be filled with your design but not with any text !

Il n’y a donc plus qu’à remplir ENTIÈREMENT ces zones de travail avec votre dessin.

Par contre, les règles vous indiqueront les zones de découpes et/ou de pliages, ces zones de découpes doivent être REMPLIES également par votre dessin, mais pas avec votre texte évidemment.

Our templates can be downloaded here – Templates

Nevertheless, if you are not a professional graphic designer, contact us, we can offer graphic solutions through our partners who can create and finish all the elements for you.

Once you have finished your artwork, please send it to:

  • By using any web-based upload program for large files without necessarily having to open an account like wetransfer, sendspace, dropsend, google drive, dropbox, etc…
    Visit and discover the various ways to send large files online and the services that will help you send them
    Please use following recipient address jeff (at) vinylium (dot) com
  • By sending CD directly to the following address
    VINYLIUM scs – 105B Rue des frontaliers – 7712 Herseaux – Belgium

Please, enter these informations into your Filezilla FTP program.

Free download at:

Your ftp area for AUDIO files :
Authentification type : Normal

You will be asked to enter your login and password :

For ARTWORK (design labels and sleeves)

User: vinylium-ART
Password: vinyl4321

Then open a session …


The labels (Side A & Side B) must be sent separately, and the maps must contain the information of the sides as well as the reference of the record.
The design of the sleeve must contain the full “Recto-verso” design !

Our printing department accepts the following file extensions:


.JPEG or .PDF high resolution (Only files saved by ADOBE PHOTOSHOP) !

IMPORTANT : the files must be in CMYK mode and have a 300 DPI resolution, you have to specify Pantone colors if needed.

Your files must be named as following :

Example :

MRX 021_FACE A.jpeg
MRX 021_FACE B.jpeg



IMPORTANT : the files must be in CMYK mode and have a 300 DPI resolution, you have to specify Pantone colors if needed

Your files have to be named as following:

  • the same reference number that will be engraved on your record.
  • sleeve

Example :

MRX 021_SLEEVE.pdf High Resolution

Please put these files in a specific map containing :

  • the same reference number that will be engraved on your record.
  • artwork

Example :

(This map may be compressed to a .zip or .rar file)

Select the map, then copy and paste it onto our FTP-Server.

IMPORTANT : Do not put the audio and artwork files in the same map. The files are handled by different divisions of our company.

Thanks for understanding.