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If you have visited our price list page or if you looked at our package deals and if you still have questions regarding the costs of your project, then please don’t hesitate to fill in some details and send us your specific needs.

Postal code, city and country are required in order to add shipping costs on your quote.

Important reminder:

We do not offer DMM cuttings anymore (too much unhappy customers).
Our vinyl pressings start from 300 copies on black vinyl.
Our vinyl pressings start from 300 copies on colored vinyl.

Our actual standard turnaround time including test pressings manufacturing is +/- : 6 weeks
This period is corresponding to actual demand on market.

Due to surcharge of work, any off-topic demands or requests that don’t match our manufacturing criteria will not be processed.

If you do not receive any answer within 72h, please visit our website to learn more about our conditions for manufacturing and rephrase your request.
Thank you for understanding.