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Step 1 – The sound

Once that you have read all the initial information, and you have sent us all the necessary elements, we can start the production of your vinyl record.

The first step in the production process, and probably one of the most important, is the cutting of your audio files. (manufacturing of your master disc that will be used to duplicate your vinyls).
More info can be found in the cutting section of our site.

Once your choice is done, we will send your audio files to one of our official partners who will cut your record professionally.
Vinylium doesn’t have a on-site studio, therefore we do work with different partners.

The ideal solution is to send us your own Lacquers or DMM that have been cut in a cutting studio of your own choice.
In this case, this step will be ignored and we will start immediately with the galvanic development of your stampers.
If you would like we do cuts for you, then please send us your audio files:

  • By using any web-based upload program for large files without necessarily having to open an account like wetransfer, sendspace, dropsend, google drive, dropbox, etc…
    Visit and discover the various ways to send large files online and the services that will help you send them
    Please use following recipient address jeff (at) vinylium (dot) com
  • By sending CD directly to the following address
    Lex van Coeverden / VINYLROOM
    Graspeel 62
    5411 LD Zeeland
    Phone : 0031 486 453 819
    Mobile : 0031 655 690 135

For audio (How to correctly name your audio files ?)

The tracks will be placed behind each others. Please make sure that you place the necessary “silences” by yourself

First of all, specify your tracks with:

  • catalogue reference who will be engraved on run-out groove
  • the position that track will have on the record.
  • the chosen rotation (rpm).
  • the complete timing.
  • the exact size of file octets-bytes.
    (right click – properties : size : Example 188 Mo (197.260.522 octets) Not size on disk !)

Example :

MRX 021_A1_45RPM_05.42_197.260.522 octets
MRX 021_B1_33RPM_07.43_268.815.586 octets
MRX 021_B2_33RPM_04.43_165.547.774 octets

Place the files in a specific folder that contains:

the catalogue reference who will be engraved on run-out groove
the word “audio”.
the chosen support.

Example :

MRX 021_AUDIO_12 (This folder can be compressed into a .zip or .rar file)

REMINDER : Do not put the audio and artwork files in the same folder. The files are handled by different divisions of our company.

Thanks for understanding.