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A lot of DJ’s and producers would like to get their tracks or own productions on vinyl record format.
But for many people, an industrial vinyl pressing is too expensive ! Nevertheless, there are alternative solutions.
Several specialized manufacturers can offer One-off (single copy) and short run hot pressings from 50 or 100 copies.
Vinylium starts vinyl pressings from 300 copies and doesn’t offer this service but provides blank vinyls or dubplates
This kind of vinyl record has the same durability as a conventional vinyl record and can also be used for scratching !

Dubplate/acetate/blank vinyl

Those specific manufacturers offer the possibility to create a 1 off vinyl record (cold pressing) or hot short run vinyl pressings.

Interested ?… Here are some manufacturers that offer this service :

Short run vinyl pressing

My own record (Holland)
contact : Lex Van Coeverden

Vinylrecorder (Germany)

contact : Vinyl Recorder (Switzerland)

Would you like to make your own records at home ?

Check out the Dubplatecutter !

contact : Jvo Studer
contact : Flo Kaufmann

Sharing costs for vinyl pressing (4 artists – 4 songs – 400 copies – 4x 100 copies each)

Find an original website specialized in cost sharing offering cheap pressings at 4x 100 copies !
Actually, this website is looking for a buyer. Website not yet launched.

Contact us : Vinyl community

Vinyl merchandising

You’re searching for inner sleeves or disco sleeves in small or large quantities to protect your vinyl records ?
Only in Dutch at the moment… English version is coming soon !

Contact : Who’s your daddy records

Vinyl crowdfunding

If you’re unable to finance your project, an alternative solution does exist.

Did you already hear about Diggers Factory ?

Diggers Factory allow artists and labels to edit and reissue their music on vinyl for free and without risk (crowdfunding).
All that’s required is gathering enough pre-orders to fund and launch the production. (from 50 units).
It’s a great tool to predict demand ahead of production, as well as a turnkey solution since Diggers Factory
propose an entire ecosystem of partners to assist the artists (distibution, logistic, shipping worldwide, etc.).
With Diggers Factory, No investment needed, no financial risk and you keep 100% control over your intellectual property.
Do you want to learn more about Diggers Factory ? Visit website by clicking hereunder

Do you want to appear on this page, contact us 

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